Answers to common questions

Why would I want to become a member?

On a routine basis, the people and organizations you interact with as you navigate healthcare issues ask more and more of your time, energy and resources. Why spend your time, energy and resources when you can have us do it for you? We’ve been helping people with their healthcare challenges for over 15 years and we can help you. As a Kare360 member, help is only a call or click away whenever you need it. That’s one less thing in your life to worry about!

What experience does the Kare360 team have?

We have over 15 years of experience helping people deal with their medical bills, provider relations and insurance issues. Until recently, our services were only available to members of certain health benefit plans we had relationships with. We are excited to now offer our expertise and commitment to exceptional service to everyone on a monthly fee basis. If you’d like to learn more about our company, view our About Us page.

Kare360 seems like a perfect fit for my needs. I think Kare360 could also help my friends and family. How do I tell them about Kare360?

Thanks so much – we definitely appreciate any of our current and future members sharing information about Kare360 with family and friends. For social sharing, just click on the tweet, facebook like or google +1 links on the bottom of the site. To email a page or to share on another site like stumbleupon or reddit, click the Share This link on the bottom of the site.

Is Kare360 a good substitute for health insurance?

No. We always recommend that you carry some form of health insurance. Kare360 is a patient navigation or patient concierge service, not a substitue for insurance. A good site to visit for help comparing and applying for insurance is ehealthinsurnace, http://bit.ly/xzdJE6. While we do help get reductions on medical bills, reductions are no substitute for coverage and are never guaranteed.

I’m having trouble viewing the video

The video may not be compatible with the version browser or phone/tablet you are using, but you can also view it on YouTube.

What does it cost to become a Kare360 member?

We’ve made membership very affordable, easy to join and easy to maintain.  A month-to-month membership is only $12.95 for an individual, $16.95 for a married couple and $24.95 for a family.  Where else can you get deal like this?  A superhero at your beck & call for such an affordable monthly price! Sign-up now.

Do you get compensated by any of the medical providers, insurance companies or other entities you work with on my behalf?

Banish the thought!  Our focus is on you and the healthcare solutions we provide will be entirely uncompromised.  After all, a superhero’s loyalties can’t be divided!

Working on all this myself takes hours and hours. How can you afford to do it for so little?

Quite simply, this is all we do and we’ve been doing it for 15 years. With a specialized team and process, we can do the work quicker than anyone who handles these issues on occasion.

What payment types do you accept

We only accept credit or debit card payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

How easy is it to cancel?  Do you pro-rate for cancellations?

Though we’d really hate to see you go, canceling is very easy. Your membership is on a month-to-month basis, so just contact us before the end of the month and we’ll cancel effective the end of the current month. If you’ve cancelled and are coming back, only prepaid annual subscriptions are available. To learn more, click here.

Can I switch from one plan type to another after signing up?

If circumstances change (e.g. marriage, divorce, birth, kids going off to college), you can change plan types as often as those events occur. If you’ve just changed your mind regarding what plan type you want (i.e. single, couple or family), we allow you to make a change so long as the frequency of the change is reasonable.

What are Kare360’s hours?

We are available Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. central time.  Even superheroes need sleep! We are closed for all major holidays, a few extra days for Thanksgiving and Christmas and three company days a year including our all staff volunteer days.

How do I reach you?

You can reach us a variety of ways.  You can call, email or engage in a live chat.  Visit our Contact Us page for all the details.

How long does it take to get an answer to the case you are working on?

Well, that depends.  We can assure you we turn the wheels as quickly as they can go.  Many issues can be resolved in a matter of days, even hours, while some, such as provider comparisons and medical bill negotiation may take longer.  Every case is unique because we’re about helping people and we’ve never met two who are exactly the same. Your Kare360 Advisor will discuss the anticipated timeline with you each time you open a case.

After sign-up, I received emails from EchoSign or Secure Message Center. Are these emails legitimate and the links safe to click on?

Yes. We use EchoSign to send documents that require signatures. Electronic digital signatures allow us to serve you quickly and painlessly! Messages received from the Secure Message Center requesting you to retrieve a message online are also legitimate. We encrypt certain email messages to ensure your private health information is protected and this is how those messages are delivered.

Will you help me with issues that occurred before I became a member?

Our Medical Bill Mediation service can assist with any medical bills incurred before enrollment in Kare360. Simply contact us or visit the medical bill mediation site to enroll in this program. There is a charge of $200 to open the case and 20% of the actual discount obtained for you. Regardless of how the great the savings we are able to secure for you, your maximum charge will not exceed $3,000. If no discounts are obtained, we will refund the $200.

Will my Kare360 Superhero be able to give me medical advice?

Even superheroes have their limitations. (Remember Superman & Kryptonite?) Our Hero doesn’t have a medical degree, but has many, many other skills and resources for your benefit. We do not provide medical advice and always advise that you speak to your doctor about any diagnosis or treatment questions.

Will my Kare360 Superhero be able to help me in legal matters?

Uh, no legal degree either.  We cannot provide you legal advice.

Are you an insurance company?

Not at all.  We do not sell insurance or provide advice on purchasing policies.

What states do you work in?

Are you kidding?  Our superhero is not bound by state lines!  We happily provide healthcare assistance in every state in the United States. We have aspirations of working in select countries outside the United States in the coming years.

Will you work on issues for my children?  How about my parents who live with me?

A family membership will take care of parents and children 18 and under.  Adult children and others living in the household, e.g. parents or other relatives, will need to have their own membership. We can link memberships in our systems for convenience if permission has been granted by everyone involved. View membership types.

This sounds very useful, but I’m worried.  How do you protect my information?

We are very, very careful with your identity and personal information.  We’re proud of the fact that Kare360 has taken security measures beyond even what HIPAA and industry best practices require. We promise to never share or sell your information to third-parties or spam you. View our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Where can I review the Kare360 Membership Agreement?

Please see our Membership Agreement page.

Where can I find your Privacy Policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy page.

Where can I find you Terms of Use?

Please see our Terms of Use page.

Do you keep a handy list of all the useful healthcare websites you come across?

As a matter of fact we do. Please view our Member Resources page.

I’m confused by all the terminology on my medical bills and related paperwork. How can you help?

Members can contact us for these type of questions, but you can also view a page we created with common medical billing terms and definitions.

I want to provide Kare360 memberships for my employees. How do I do that?

Visit our Kare360 for Businesses page to learn more and contact our a business specialist who can get everything setup for you. Businesses with 5-49 employees can sign-up everyone and pay on one business credit card. Businesses with more than 50 employees can get a volume discount and also pay via ACH or invoice.

Who is The Karis Group?

Kare360 is a service of The Karis Group, Inc., the official name of our company. As you interact with us, you may see emails from thekarisgroup.com, and The Karis Group on CallerID or on your billing statement. Rest assured it’s all the same. Please see our About Us page for more information.

I think Kare360 would be a great place to work. How do I join the team?

We’re always on the lookout for people who are on board with our mission, live our values and are exceptionally talented! We have an award winning workplace and invite you to learn more about a career with The Karis Group.