Kare360 for Groups

We make healthcare work. For everyone.

We understand that every member of a group is critical. When your time or energy is taken up dealing with healthcare issues, everyone in the group feels the impact. Today, the healthcare system demands more and more of people’s time and money.

Kare360′s group services are a great fit for:

  • Businesses/Employers
  • EAPs
  • Benefit Plans
  • Associations
  • And more…

Kare360 is a personal concierge service to help people navigate virtually every healthcare issue or question. When you enroll your group members in Kare360, we provide all the help they need so they spend their time and energy on work instead of on healthcare.

We make the calls for them. We research the questions. We sort through the paperwork.

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Most groups cannot afford to have their members dealing with these questions and issues on company time. The loss of productivity is too costly. Kare360 makes it easy and affordable for you to sign-up your entire team for Kare360. We offer discounts and ACH and invoice payment options for groups.

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