About Us

The people behind Kare360


Kare360 is brought to you by The Karis Group, Inc., a patient advocacy service company located in Austin, Texas with a rich history of solving healthcare problems.

Kare360 is a patient navigation service available directly to the public to help resolve all the questions and challenges that arise from navigating a complex and fragmented healthcare system.

Simple.  Comprehensive.  Complete.  Enjoyable.

When was the last time you used those words to describe healthcare?

Kare360 members join for an affordable monthly fee to have unlimited access to our Kare360 Advisors! Anyone in the United States can sign-up, whether uninsured, covered by group health insurance, individual health insurance or somewhere in between. Memberships are available for individuals, couples and families.

Our advisors are caring, committed, capable and compassionate. They are highly trained, professional individuals ready to assist with your healthcare questions.

Purchase a membership starting at $12.95/mo in just a few clicks.